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With More than 20 years of industry experience, NSD is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic components and a professional provider of FTTH and FTTA solution, and OEM solution. Established in 2007, NSD is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic components and a professional provider of FTTH and FTTA solution, and OEM solution in China. Headquarter located in center Shenzhen with 3,000 sq.m factory, over 200 workers in sub Shenzhen producing PLC splitter, fiber patch cords, fiber pigtails... etc.
The number of our global customers has grown over the years. We have increased our presence in the United States, Asia and Germany and are still expanding our branches in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Russia.
It is our unwavering commitment to create market leading products and bring value to customers around the world. As a means of demonstrating our commitment to supply the best products and network solutions.

NSD Products highlights

Cable Assembly
SC, LC, FC, ST, MTRJ,E2000 patch cords, FTTH pigtails with sockets, and data center cabling MTP/MPO solution, FTTA solution, various adapters, attenuators and loopbacks;
Passive Components PLC splitter, FBT coupler, CWDM device, CCWDM device, DWDM device, AWG device and FA-MT, etc.;
ODN Products Optical Fiber Cables, Splice Enclosures, Terminal Box and various ODF, Cabinets and Fiber Patch panel;
Toolkits and FTTH Accessories Toolkit set, like kelvar cutter, cable strippers, pen type cleaner, etc and FTTH accessories like splice tube, faster connector, various FTTH installation materials.

NSD Certification:
Quality and standards are the foundation of NSD ,We are dedicated to providing customers with the outstanding, standards-compliant products and services.
And has passed many quality system verifications, after ISO9001 certified in April2009, NSD has acquired CE, ROSH in 2013

NSD Core Values:
Customers come first" and Quality First
We will do our best to satisfy our customers' requirements and offer quality products and quality service is our key for long-term cooperation.
We will always spare no effort to offer meticulous & comprehensive services to our clients from the very beginning of project evaluation to the fulfillment of network communication, and whatever stage of your project is, it is our honor to provide you all-round service.